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The core ActionCOACH business education modules delivered over 15 weeks.

Learn how to effectively increase YOUR profits by 61%

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We offer the sessions in the early mornings, and evenings one day per week for 2.5 hours. If you miss one it will be recorded. You will than gain access to our coaching portal and the Business Coach to help implement the strategies in your business.


YOUR dream business is possible.

Our systems and strategies can get YOU there!


Planning effective business growth is crucial. If you do not have a plan than your already there. Together we will plan short term, mid-term and long term growth


We will work through and find what makes your business unique and develop strategies to increase your profit by 61%


Learn Effective TIME leveraging strategies and implement systems to give you more using less of YOUR time.


Learn effective hiring and employee engagement strategies that are proven to grow YOUR business.

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Business Training Courses: Power up YOUR business! THE ActionCLUB

Module 1

(Session 1) - Business ActionPLAN - Start with the end in mind.

  • If you don’t know where you’re heading how are you going to get there? During this session you will set your goals, your company’s vision and mission statement and you’ll learn how to build a great business from the foundation up. Develop monthly, quarterly, yearly and 5 year Business ActionPLAN.

(Session 2) - Business ActionPLAN - Certificate of Completion.

  • Session to clear the runway and launch ActionPLAN

Module 2

(Session 3) - Know YOUR Numbers (P&L, Cashflow, Balance Sheets)

  • Learn how to speak the complex language your lenders expect you to know. More importantly – make sense of the numbers that will allow you to keep tabs on the TRUE ‘score’ in your business. You can’t play the game if you don’t know the rules, and in business the rules start and end with the numbers.

(Session 4) - Follow up | Implement | Overcome | Review - Certificate of Completion.

  • This is a follow up to session 3 to fully understand our Profit & Loss Statements, cashflow forecasting and balancing the books.

Module 3

(Session 5) - Instant Cashflow - Comprehensive Marketing Plan specific to your target customer.

  • You will learn all about the principles of Leverage and Cashflow Marketing. You’ll focus in on the fastest ways to increase your results now! There are only 5 ways in which any business can make more profit, and you will learn each in detail in this session.

(Session 6) - Follow up | Implement | Overcome | Review - Certificate of Completion.

  • Session to clear the runway and launch our Module 5 Strategies further

Module 4

(Session 7) - Unique selling proposition vs price

  • You will extract your uniqueness, your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) –which sets you apart from your competitors – then how to use it to get more of the customers you want. You will also learn about developing customer loyalty so that these customers keep coming back, time after time and will no longer ask you “Is that your best price?”

(Session 8) - Follow up | Implement | Overcome | Review - Certificate of Completion.

  • Session to clear the runway and launch our Module 7 Strategies further - Assessment Day

Module 5

(Session 9) Sales Made Simple - Sales Mastery

  • You’ll learn all about the different types of salespeople and the difference between old selling and new. You will get to understand the question funnel, performance standards, and how to handle objections. Sales made simple!

(Session 10) Follow up | Implement | Overcome | Review - Certificate of Completion.

  • 1 Hour Session to clear the runway and launch our week 9 strategies further - Assessment Day

Module 6

(Session 11) Attracting and RETAINING a strong team - Team Building

  • Attracting and retaining a strong team Once you’ve got a system working, and leads coming into your pipeline, it’s common to wonder what’s next. We’ll take you beyond the world of landing pages in this chapter, and discuss some common marketing automation tactics, to give you ideas of what you can do with your growing business.

(Session 12) Follow up | Implement | Overcome | Review - Certificate of Completion.

  • 1 Hour Session to clear the runway and launch our week 11 strategies further - Assessment Day

Module 7

(Session 13) Ever More With Ever Less - Systemizing Your Business.

  • Learn the only ways to leverage your business. Learn how to create systems that run your business to produce massive results. Learn how to work ON your business, not IN it.

(Session 14) Follow up | Implement | Overcome | Review - Certificate of Completion.

  • 1 Hour Session to clear the runway and launch our week 13 Strategies further - Assessment Day

Final Certificate of Completion

(Session 15) Final Plan + Assessment

Included in the program is our famous GrowthCLUB Event Oct 7/2021 Full Day packed with Motivation and planning! Check it out www.Growthclubbc.ca and a bonus 3 months of our ProfitCLUB Networking event.

You will have a Certified ActionCOACH walking you through each week in a class setting. You will get access to ActionCOACHes business coaching portal to allow you to track your progress. You will also get access to over 350 strategies that are proven in over 80 counties to grow your business. Our business partners grow their profits by up to 61% in the first year! Unlock all the ActionCOACH systems and technology with access to all our human resources.

Meet Darrick Boyes

Executive Business Coach| Teacher | Mentor

  • Skilled in increasing YOUR profit
  • Removes YOUR business chaos
  • Recruiting & Hiring the MOST Skilled
  • Increasing YOUR sales and conversions
  • Compete YOUR strategic Business Plan
  • Turn YOUR marketing into CONSISTANT lead flow
  • Develop Strategies to deliver consistent service structures
  • Effective negotiations to reduce costs and increase margins

You can come in person or online!

Celebrated entrepreneur and key note speaker, motivator and teacher

I’m an experienced Certified Business Coach who has been working in business and leadership roles for over 25+ years. I have created a track record that shows a professional summary focusing on sales training, online sales and negotiations, and planning strategic initiatives. Furthermore, I have been training and recruiting employees for the past 25 years.

I started my first business in Sales and Distribution in my teens with the guidance of my parents. And by the time I was 21, I owned multiple businesses across various industries. My businesses also developed a working relationship with municipal, provincial, and federal governments to achieve great construction contracts.

I believe to achieve anything in life one needs a plan, goal and a dream. In this regard, I have also instructed some classes at Thompson Rivers University. I have also volunteered with the Lion’s Club and Rotary Club. Previously, I have worked with multiple non-profit organizations for fundraisings, including founding an annual winter carnival event. During the event, I hired many passionate volunteers.
I welcome challenges that test my mettle and provide me with the chance to learn something new. When I’m part of a team, you can expect the creation of respectful connections with team members. I encourage a workplace that fosters inclusiveness and productivity.

My profession as a Business Growth Specialist has allowed me to interact and link with various business owners to ensure productivity and agreement. I consider myself quite adept when it comes to using effective help in making the business more profitable.

Being an expert in my field has provided me with the opportunity to use a range of organization-centric and safe work behaviors to handle a range of tasks, including:

  • Successfully developing and implementing effective initiatives and procedures that are parallel with the company’s goals
  • Training and mentoring team members.
  • Designing and implementing comprehensive wellness plans for small & medium-sized businesses
  • Providing coaching sessions to train clients on how to achieve desired goals
  • Public speaking and presenting
  • Creating a strategic plan and roadmap for each client’s needs
  • Teaching effective work skills

As a Senior Partner and ActionCOACH Firm Owner. I am grateful to be actively doing what I love. Helping business owners to implement strategies, and systems to free up their time, give them stronger teams and become far more profitable.

Meet Darrick

As always we offer a 100% Satisfaction guarantee or the program is free!

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