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Haydn Griffiths

Certified Business Coach

Choose to work with me and I guarantee you I find my fee in your growth in just 17 weeks or I coach you for free!

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Business Professional, Entrepreneur, Educator, Coach and motivator!

A motivational professional and a business owner with over 12 years experience, highly experienced in starting and taking businesses to their potential.

Wide ranging first hand understanding, knowledge and experience of the practicalities of running and growing businesses.

Wealth of business experience in Manufacturing and Operations, Domestic and Commercial Business Development and Sales, Strategic Planning and Finance, Leadership, Recruitment and Training, having started a business and growing it so it runs without him now.

Understanding the importance of building a business that competes on value NOT price

Respected adviser to companies of all sizes, from start ups to large companies.

A respected mentor and lateral thinker who enjoys the challenges of finding solutions to tough business problems.

Haydn is committed to his family and he practices what he preaches, having a healthy work life balance.

I am extremely passionate about helping people unleash their true best version of who they can be!

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