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Marty Tazelaar

Business Growth Specialist

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Business Professional, Entrepreneur, Educator, Coach and motivator!

Marty Tazelaar Certified Executive Business Coach

Instructor | Educator | Trainer | Speaker | Mentor

Marty Tazelaar is an experienced business professional who has been working in business and leadership roles for over 35+ years. Marty obtained his Certified Management Accountant designation in 2003. He has held a variety of roles throughout his career and consulted with many organizations during that time. His roles include being the Corporate Controller for an international log home manufacturer; Corporate Controller for a national finance organization; Campus Director and Business Instructor at a local community college; Consultant for a local wood products manufacturer to develop an inventory management system; Operating Director of 5 separate joint venture companies in the forest industry and several other roles.  

He has created a track record that demonstrates his extensive experience in leading organizations with particular expertise in Business Analysis, Strategic Planning, Safety and Policy initiatives. Marty has also worked with benefit providers to develop and deliver comprehensive wellness plans for small & medium-sized businesses in the forest industry. He has been involved in the recruitment and training of employees throughout his career.  

Marty encourages a workplace that fosters inclusiveness and productivity and creates the ideal work environment to bring people together in a proactive and productive way.

Being an expert in my field has afforded me the opportunity to work in and with a wide range of organizations and industries. I employ organizational and people-centric methodologies that encourage safe work behaviors while achieving a broad range of objectives, including:

  • Successfully developing and implementing strategic plans including financial plans that support the Triple "P" Bottom line of People, Profits and Planet.
  • Introducing multiple initiatives that are in alignment with and support company and other stakeholders goals.
  • Developing and delivering training programs for organizations that educate and support team members.
  • Researching designing and implementing comprehensive wellness plans for small & medium-sized businesses.
  • Delivering coaching sessions supporting and educating clients on how to achieve their desired goals.
  • Public speaking and presentations.

I am grateful to be able to do what I love. I am able to use my strengths in business and accounting to help business owners improve their businesses and their lives. I do this by helping them develop and implement effective strategies, develop and implement systems to free up their time, create stronger teams and become much more profitable.

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