Darrick Boyes

Certified Business Coach | CEO

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Celebrated entrepreneur and key note speaker and motivator.

I’m an experienced Certified Business Growth Specialist who has been working in business and leadership roles for over 25+ years. I have created a track record that shows a professional summary focusing on sales training, online sales and negotiations, and planning strategic initiatives. Furthermore, I have been training and recruiting employees for the past 25 years.

I started my first business in Sales and Distribution in my teens with the guidance of my parents. And by the time I was 21, I owned multiple businesses across various industries. My businesses also developed a working relationship with municipal, provincial, and federal governments to achieve great construction contracts.

I believe to achieve anything in life one needs a plan, goal and a dream. In this regard, I have also instructed some classes at Thompson Rivers University. I have also volunteered with the Lion’s Club and Rotary Club. Previously, I have worked with multiple non-profit organizations for fundraisings, including founding an annual winter carnival event. During the event, I hired many passionate volunteers.
I welcome challenges that test my mettle and provide me with the chance to learn something new. When I’m part of a team, you can expect the creation of respectful connections with team members. I encourage a workplace that fosters inclusiveness and productivity.

My profession as a Business Growth Specialist has allowed me to interact and link with various business owners to ensure productivity and agreement. I consider myself quite adept when it comes to using effective help in making the business more profitable.

Being an expert in my field has provided me with the opportunity to use a range of organization-centric and safe work behaviors to handle a range of tasks, including:

  • Successfully developing and implementing effective initiatives and procedures that are parallel with the company’s goals
  • Training and mentoring team members.
  • Designing and implementing comprehensive wellness plans for small & medium-sized businesses
  • Providing coaching sessions to train clients on how to achieve desired goals
  • Public speaking and presenting
  • Creating a strategic plan and roadmap for each client’s needs
  • Teaching effective work skills

As a Senior Partner and ActionCOACH Firm Owner. I am grateful to be actively doing what I love. Helping business owners to implement strategies, and systems to free up their time, give them stronger teams and become far more profitable.

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