If I allow people to be just okay, or to be mediocre – then what I am saying is I want a company that is just okay. Anyone who knows me will tell you that is not what I am about.” -Bradley J Sugars, Founder, ActionCOACH


  • Is your business generating less cash than you’d like?
  • Are you struggling to recruit, retain & develop the depth of talent needed to build a great company?
  • Are you looking for fast and effective improvements in your business?
  • Are you working longer hours than you’d like?
  • Are your marketing and sales campaigns delivering less than you’d like?


Team Building - DISC

Our Total Team Workshop certification is the most exciting full-day training you will ever run in your business. By the end of the day, your highly motivated and focused team will charge out the door, ready to perform above and beyond your wildest expectations.


Marketing Training

This workshop will focus on the importance of marketing and how you can best use it to achieve your business goals. It is one thing to be able to deliver great service to your clients or to have something special about your business, but if no one knows about it, what’s the point?

Phone Skill Training

When you start to think of your telephone as a link between your customers' wallets and your bank account, you begin to understand the importance of using it effectively, and therefore the necessity of putting your team through ActionCOACH's Phone Power full-day workshop.

Time (Self) Management

Time Management is a fallacy. We simply cannot manage time. What we can manage is how we use our time.

How many times do you say to yourself “I just don’t have enough time,” or “there aren’t enough hours in a day?” You’re not alone; which is why this popular workshop is in demand.

Customer Service Training

Raving fans are customers who are so ‘over the moon’ with your business and the service you provide that they will not only tell all their friends and colleagues about you but, actually bring them to you and help you make sales to them...

Sales Training

If you're serious about making massive profits from your business, you'll want to put your entire Sales Team through the simplest, and most powerful sales training ever developed.

Forget the "pushy" or "too soft" sales techniques of the past. Your team will be armed with the knowledge and skills to get them performing beyond your wildest expectations.

Leadership Training

Good leaders are made not born. If you have the desire and willpower, you can become an effective leader. Good leaders develop through a never ending process of self-study, education, training, and experience. This workshop will help your leaders through that process.

Performance Management

Tactical Ways to Improve Performance is a proactive approach for managers to determine issues before they become major problems. This workshop will enable the manager to get buy-in from team members and focus to drive to success.

DISC Personality

  • Assess your teams strengths and struggles
  • Manage each team members communication preferences
  • Determine what motivates you and your team
  • And most importantly, learn to adapt your style to maximize your communication effectiveness