Phone Power Training Day

Just One-Day Will Transform Your Telephone Into A License To Print Money

When you start to think of your telephone as a link between your customers' wallets and your bank account, you begin to understand the importance of using it effectively, and therefore the necessity of putting your team through ActionCOACH's Phone Power full-day workshop.

Even the most basic of tasks like how you answer the phone can and does dramatically impact on a customer's perception of your skill, worth, prices and overall professionalism. You and your team will learn techniques for getting your prospects to commit; to buy right there on the phone. You'll also discover powerful scripts to make price shopping a thing of the past.

Think of how many marketing dollars are wasted because the calls from prospects were handled badly or, even worse, not handled at all. If you've ever had a customer say, "Thanks, I'll call you back," this training program is a must.


The telephone is a tool and when used correctly you can achieve great success with it. Good telephone skills retain customers. People are likely to do business with you again if your telephone skills are pleasant and helpful.


Telemarketing, or phone sales, can be a cost-effective way to market your small business. The overhead for telemarketing is lower than many other forms of promotion, such as print and broadcast media and direct mail sales. To be effective, however, you must employ a well-trained sales force that has above-average communication skills.


Phone skills create raving fans with professionalism.

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