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Hit your goals sooner than you thought possible when you join profit club, the # 1 business networking event.

ProfitCLUB is our own take on a networking club. This organization consists of an exclusive group of business owners from all across the world who meet on a semi-weekly basis. What makes ProfitCLUB different is that it is not just for sales people—it is run by members under the guide of an ActionCOACH.

Real business education...

ProfitCLUB is more than networking over a meal. Apart from regular business networking sessions, members are encouraged to take part in monthly workshops that focus on business-specific topics like sales, marketing, team building, communications, advertising, and more

Here’s what ProfitCLUB is all about:

  • ProfitCLUB is a group of business owners seeking more clients, who in turn will give other business owners more clients in turn. Owners share knowledge and information, discuss their own business strategies, and work together to gain more business.
  • Members will actively network for your business, which effectively translates to having a dedicated sales team at no extra cost to you. The mere act of joining will help grow your business in a real and tangible way.
  • ProfitCLUB meets on a bi-monthly basis, and the biggest benefit stems from the completely FREE workshops that are available to you. You can learn a whole variety of different skills, from marketing to team-building and everything in between.


  • The Chamber of Commerce Boardroom
  • 615 Victoria St
  • Kamloops BC
  • BI Weekly at 7:00 AM
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ProfitCLUB was right for my business in so many ways. I needed to network more and gain experience. The bonus was the access to systems and templates for businesses. I gained more ideas from one session than any other event I attended. Highly recommend it to everyone in business”

— Jake, Strength Camp Kamloops

Typical Core Members

Who should attend? ProfitCLUB caters to every kind of business owner, no matter how large or small your enterprise is. Members are typically accountants, attorneys, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, bookkeepers, web developers, recruitment professionals, IT specialists, and insurance agents and brokers, but our members span nearly every professional occupation you can think of

  • Mortgage Broker 
  • Trades
  • Banker
  • Small / Medium Businesses
  • Lawyer 
  • Real estate Agent 
  • Printer 
  • Computer IT Support 
  • Insurance Broker 
  • Office Admin Services 
  • Recruitment Agency 
  • Sign Writer\Maker 
  • Web Developer 
  • Sales Representatives 
  • Any B2B Business 

Bi-Weekly Networking breakfast

Meet and discuss your business challenges and rest assured you will not leave without some actionable solutions. Grow your network and learn true business improvement tips to grow your business and eliminate any chaos you have.

Years of Experience in Your Industry.

Avid ActionCOACH Business Coaching has a deep roster of experience waiting to help you. No matter your industry, we’ll have the answers and advice specific to your industry. You’ll always be connected to pros who have been where you are.

Free Resources at your Fingertips

Every ProfitCLUB Business monthly subscriber gets access to resources that will help you grow your business. From marketing plans and KPI worksheets to guides for making Facebook ads, tap into the resources that’ll help you with any goal. You will even get access to ActionCOACHes coaching portal to track all your progress and get access to hundreds of tips to grow your business.

Networking and referrals

This is probably the most obvious benefit and the reason most business owners decide to participate in networking activities and join networking groups.

The great news is that the referrals that you get through networking are normally high quality and most of the time are even pre-qualified for you. You can then follow up on these referrals/leads and turn them into clients. So you are getting much higher quality leads from networking than other forms of marketing.

The increase in business from networking is the major advantage, but there are many others as well.

  Where you’ll be in 5 years will depend on the books you read, the people you associate with AND the Actions you take.

Brad Sugars

Business can be lonely but not anymore!!

With a bi-weekly networking breakfast and unlimited email coaching, never get stuck guessing what to do next for your business. Sign up for ProfitCLUB Today!

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  • Bi Weekly Networking
  • Monthly Business Growth Training Seminar
  • Monthly check-ins
  • Email access to a Certified Business Coach
  • Business planning and educational systems
  • Avid ActionCOACH Systems and Templates

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