"Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your project or service, and that bring friends with them."

ActionBUSINESS Networking

Bi-weekly Networking and Monthly BusinessEDUCATION Night

7:00AM on Wednesdays

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12:00PM on Wednesdays

Bi-Monthly ActionBUSINESS GROUP:

Join us in Kamloops!

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Hit your goals sooner than you thought possible when you join ActionBUSINESS Networking, the #1 business networking event.

ActionBUSINESS Networking is just that – a club for creating profits through business education, peer to peer coaching and socializing. ActionBUSINESS Networking is specifically designed for owners and professionals to grow their businesses.

Since the commencement of ActionCOACH. We have seen the benefit of bringing the business community together. However, a lot of these groups lack leadership and direction – they also lack purpose. This has resulted in the demise of many groups.

ActionCOACH's ActionBUSINESS Networking events have a distinct focus and direction and are led by a Certified Business Coach. They have a structured agenda and clear goals and are not just social gatherings. These Clubs are not only another tool for your business it is an opportunity to learn from your peers in business. Owners share knowledge and information, discuss their own business strategies, and work together to gain more business. Members will actively network for your business, which effectively translates to having a dedicated sales team at no extra cost to you. The mere act of joining will help grow your business in a real and tangible way.

Members are encouraged to take part in monthly BusinessEDUCATION workshops that focus on business-specific topics like sales, marketing, team building, communications, advertising, and more!!

In addition to the benefits of being a member of a club, you benefit by building your business contacts and database, by offering another tool for business owners to grow their business.

“True networking does not mean meeting people; it means becoming the type of person other people want to meet.”

What makes ActionBUSINESS Networking different is that it is not just for sales people —

it is run by members under the guide of an ActionCOACH.

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An ActionCOACH is innovative, and their ideas support business owners and executives to achieve their highest potential.

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