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I believe that you have the potential to be great and that your business has the potential to become a profitable and saleable asset that can function without you. I am passionate about helping people create wealth and forge their best lives through their business and have undertaken to achieve this by living a life of continuous and never-ending improvement. The Japanese term for this is Kaizen.
I am determined and committed to making a positive impact in the lives of every business owner, leader and person that I encounter. I aim to achieve this by sharing the knowledge, skills, and experience I have acquired, and through coaching business owners and leaders to reach their goals and dreams, personally and within their business. I do a deep dive into the business, looking at how the team, time and finances are managed, ensuring that the foundation of the business is stable before growing the business.

As a business coach, I leverage the tried and tested systems, models, and frameworks used in businesses across the world, together with education, coaching and planning techniques to achieve incredible growth and results within businesses. I guide business owners and leaders to leverage systems and their teams to fundamentally create what we, at ActionCOACH, define as “a commercial profitable enterprise that works without you”. We commonly refer to this as your finished or complete business.

Ask yourself, "am I working IN my business, or am I working ON my business?"

Reach out to me for a complimentary consultation where we can get to know one another and can I guarantee you will walk away with some solid strategies that you can immediately start working on to improve and grow your business.


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Here is what coach Lyndon's clients have to say about him:

UB Electrical

"Coach Lyndon Smith has not only been a brilliant coach but also a great inspiration. He has helped me stay focused and stay on track on achieving the goals that I have set out for myself. He keeps me motivated when things feel down and helps me see things from a different point of view, turning those downtimes into a new perspective for creating new ideas and business opportunities. He has influenced me in both my business and personal life. Step by step moving closer to success and fulfilment."

~ Wayne Hay, Business Owner, UB Electrical

"Even coaches need coaching and Lyndon helps me see where my gaps are. He understands my entrepreneurial personality and the things I procrastinate on and shows me the way to overcome the hurdles. He is insightful, knowledgeable and his kind, no judgement demeanour helps me to grow my business. He is strategic and always makes me think outside of my perception. Each session, conversation or message shows he cares for his clients and I am lucky to have him as a coach. So would you!"

~ Anel Du Preez, Business Owner and Coach, Canned Culture

Canned Culture
Kip McGrath George

"Not only has Lyndon helped me grow my business; he has also helped me grow personally. I have more confidence in myself as well as my business. He goes above and beyond for his clients and is an amazing coach. He offers great advice and has taught me so much in such a short time frame. I am looking forward to putting everything he taught me into action and watching my business grow! I highly recommend Lyndon as your business coach; you will not regret it."

~ Stacey Benjamin, Business Owner, Kip McGrath George

"I didn’t realise how powerful coaching can be until Lyndon Smith started coaching me. I’m loving the workshops & coaching sessions, it has opened my eyes and my mind on so many levels. This has helped my little business grow. I have a clear vision and mission and have set goals for my business. Couldn’t recommend Lyndon enough. He is professional, supportive and encouraging. He holds me accountable to my goals and myself. Anyone would be lucky to have him as their coach."

~ Charlotte Smith, Business Owner and Textile Designer, CraftyThings

Kip McGrath

"When Lyndon started coaching me my business had no direction, and I was very unsure of my way forward. Over the next few months, Lyndon's fantastic ability to guide a person in the right direction has helped me to discover the path I need to take to realise my goals. Off the bat, you can feel how passionate Lyndon is about every one of his clients. He genuinely wants to get the best out of them. He is extremely knowledgeable and helpful while pushing your business to reach its full potential. It has been a pleasure working with him and I look forward to our future sessions"

~ Graham Benjamin, Business Owner, Kip McGrath George

"Lyndon is articulate, insightful and helpful. He guided me through my coaching sessions with the utmost professionalism. He gave me valuable insight into business management, which has vastly improved my sales strategy for my business and for this I am forever grateful."

~ Tagan Smith, Business Owner, Endless Sessions

Endless Sessions
Feed my Vending

"The system they teach and rituals they live by motivates not just a business owner but you as a person as well to live with a vision to your ultimate success. During the run of the program you are part of their family, giving support and guidance towards your success, always available to ask the questions that make your next step a massive BFO. I recommend him to any business owner that feels your business became the BOSS you tried to leave behind the day you started your journey but returned in the form of your business. They turn working in your business to working on your business, transforming the dream into reality!"

~ Renier Seyffert, Business Owner, Feed my Vending